September 23, 2022

Media Release

The CACE Group and its associate arts groups in Collingwood and South Georgian Bay are very pleased with the results of their questionnaire sent to the candidates for the 2022 Collingwood Council

The upcoming Municipal Election addresses the many economic and social challenges the Town of Collingwood and surrounding communities are facing with its increasing population and inherent needs and demands.

A vision for the Town and its surrounding communities is necessary.

The Collingwood Arts, Culture & Entertainment Group (CACE) is a local grassroots group of citizens who for the past three years has been very passionate and committed to building an arts, culture and entertainment centre in Collingwood, servicing the South Georgian Bay region.

On September 12th, the CACE Group sent out a questionnaire to all the Collingwood candidates running for Council to better understand their position regarding this visionary and much needed build.  Although this is just one account, the results are positive for having a new Council that understands the economic and cultural impact a Centre for the Arts, Culture & Entertainment would have on the region.

Question asked of candidates:

Cost, location and size for an arts, culture and entertainment centre will be addressed by the consulting company (Nordicity) contracted by the Town of Collingwood. Subject to credible financial analysis, do you support a purpose-built centre for Arts, Culture and Entertainment in Collingwood?

  • YES
  • NO

The results:

` 15 candidates completed the questionnaire
` 13 answered YES
` 0 answered NO
` 2 answered OTHER
` 14 gave their names and 1 answered anonymously

The following candidates answered YES:

Chris Potts
Tim Fryer
Deb Doherty
Ian Chadwick
George Dickenson
Yvonne Hamlin
Mariane McLeod
Cam Ecclestone
Steve Johns
Norm Sandberg
Bob Madigan
Brandon Houston

Two candidates answered OTHER:

Bob Ring
Steve Berman

For an Arts Centre in Collingwood.


In January 2021, The Town of Collingwood engaged Nordicity and Giaimo Architects to undertake a Feasibility Study for an Arts and Culture Centre in Collingwood. This report represents the findings, options, and recommendations as to next steps based on the research, consultations and analysis conducted between January and August 2021. The purpose of the study was to:

  1. Evaluate the needs of the arts and cultural community in Collingwood
  2. Determine if, and to what degree, there is demand for an arts and culture centre
  3. Assess the feasibility of a new arts and culture centre in Collingwood.

Feasibility study recommends downtown Collingwood as prime location
Oct 05, 2021 by: John Edwards

Nordicity study concludes Collingwood should have an arts centre.
Collingwood Today
Oct 05, 2021 by: Jessica Owen

The CACE Group has developed an exciting project to help grow the arts and culture scene in Collingwood and the surrounding area. I look forward to seeing this project expand the entertainment opportunities in our region.

MP Terry Dowdall


The Town of Collingwood has a proud history as a strong centre for excellence in the Arts, and I am pleased that CACE has come forward to engage the energy and voices of residents in building an even brighter cultural future for our community. It is always exciting to see residents come together for the betterment of our community.

Brian Saunderson

Mayor, Town of Collingwood

I am excited to offer my personal support to the effort to build an Arts, Culture and Entertainment Centre in the region of South Georgian Bay.   We are neighbouring communities that share the common delight of performance arts that inspire and entertain.   An arts centre will serve to bring us closer together and provide opportunities for the expression of rural culture.   Best of Luck!

Doug Measures

Mayor, Clearview Township

The Blue Mountain Village Foundation has always viewed the arts as an important component of our Region’s overall health and sustainability. We are fully supportive of the CACE Group’s Regional Centre for Arts, Culture and Entertainment and look forward to its benefits to all members of the community.

Andrew Siegwart

President, Blue Mountain Village Association

The proposed Collingwood Arts, Culture and Entertainment Centre is a worthy and needed facility that I am pleased to support. Not only will it provide a home for diverse professional and local art forms in South Georgian Bay, but it will also be an economic boon for our region, providing direct employment during its construction and operational phases, and significant spin-offs throughout its lifetime.
Best wishes with the project. And thank you for your volunteer efforts on behalf of the region.

MPP Jim Wilson


Arts centre advocacy group dreaming of world-class theatre in Collingwood.
Collingwood Today
Nov 19, 2020 by: Erika Engel 

‘The stars seem to be more aligned’: Collingwood group champions creation of ‘world class’ cultural centre.

Town is looking to study the feasibility of an arts centre.
Nov 14, 2020 by: John Edwards

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‘A place for people’: Group pushes for Collingwood cultural centre.
Jan 25, 2020 by Ian Adams Collingwood Connection

Feasibility study planned for potential new arts centre in Collingwood.
Collingwood Today
Nov 26, 2019 by: Jessica Owen

For Art’s Sake
Local group envisions a world-class arts and entertainment centre in Collingwood
On The Bay
by Judy Ross
photography by Jessica Crandlemire





Arts, Culture & Entertainment Group is a grassroots local organization made up of citizens who are dedicated and committed to building an Arts, Culture and Entertainment Centre in Collingwood.


Establish Collingwood as the centre of arts, culture and entertainment in the South Georgian Bay area.


  • To build a world class, flexible, multi-purpose arts, culture and entertainment centre that is commercially successful by attracting professional artists & productions, while still supporting local talent and programs and both the current and future needs of the community.
  • To support and promote all art forms including performing, visual and musical; across all ages and abilities.
  • To design and build a centre that has flexible space and facilities that will accommodate the needs of many organizations and cohorts.
  • The Centre will provide sufficient capacity to attract world class artists to perform in our town.
  • Inclusivity, accessibility, sustainability and community engagement are the corner stones of the project.


  • It is the intention of this group to collaborate with the various stakeholders and all levels of government in a Public, Private Partnership that supports the speedy completion of this project.
  • To ask the Town of Collingwood Council to support the project with appropriate seed money to begin the project and participate in a joint feasibility study.
  • To enlist the work of a professional fund raiser to develop and carry out a capital campaign to raise funds for the build project and ongoing operating support.
  • To find an appropriate site for the build.
  • To seek and engage professionals in the design, build and management of the facilities.
  • To acknowledge the land and the First Nations peoples whose history is tied to it.


  • Flexible and fully accessible theatre space to accommodate between 250 and 600 people.
  • Including comfortable seating with professional standards for sight lines & acoustics.
  • Appropriate professional sized stage with adequate back stage, wings, green, and dressing rooms with dedicated space for set construction and storage capabilities.
  • State of the art sound and lighting equipment and infrastructure.
  • Rehearsal & educational spaces.
  • Outdoor gathering and performance spaces.
  • Gallery space for art installations, speaker series, receptions & small events. Office space for theatre/property management, anchor production company, front of house & catering, tourism offices, etc.
  • Box Office (central hub for ticketing).
  • Retail space, (including gift shop, showcasing work by local artists and students).
  • Food and Beverage outlet, (bar, café, light snacks).
  • Kitchen and food prep area, (outside catering of events, weddings, etc.).
  • Regional History Museum, highlighting our Indigenous and Ship Building History.
  • Young Peoples Zone, (interactive areas that engage youth in the creative process).



To build a regional economic, cultural and creative engine that will serve the residents/taxpayers of Collingwood by:

  • Addressing the needs of local organizations that currently have no facilities to hold recitals, rehearsals, etc., (revenue now going to Meaford, Barrie, etc.,).
  • Drawing in new organizations from outside the town, (conferences, over flow from Blue, theatre productions, etc.,)
  • Establishing Collingwood as the centre for Arts, Culture and Entertainment, which will attract new visitors and residents, drive income to businesses, sustain real estate, etc.
  • Providing facilities and services that will attract all ages and provide education through experiences and formal engagement.
  • Increasing new tax revenues.
  • Increasing Tourism to the Town and Region.
  • Providing new job opportunities.