For an Arts Centre in Collingwood.


In January 2021, The Town of Collingwood engaged Nordicity and Giaimo Architects to undertake a Feasibility Study for an Arts and Culture Centre in Collingwood. This report represents the findings, options, and recommendations as to next steps based on the research, consultations and analysis conducted between January and August 2021. The purpose of the study was to:

  1. Evaluate the needs of the arts and cultural community in Collingwood
  2. Determine if, and to what degree, there is demand for an arts and culture centre
  3. Assess the feasibility of a new arts and culture centre in Collingwood


CACE (Collingwood Art Culture Entertainment) Group is a local grassroots group of citizens who are very passionate and committed to building an arts, culture and entertainment Centre in Collingwood.


To establish Collingwood as the centre of art, culture and entertainment in the South Georgian Bay area.


To build a world class adaptable, multi purpose Centre that is commercially sustainable by attracting major artists and productions while supporting local artists and programs in the community.

Our goals are to:

  • Promote all art forms across all ages and abilities.
  • Engage the community for input and support.
  • Engage the Town of Collingwood and its Council.
  • Seek professionals for input on all aspects of the project.


The priority is to design and build a Centre that has flexible space and facilities that will accommodate the needs of many types of organizations.

Inclusivity, accessibility, sustainability and community engagement will be the cornerstones of the project.

The Centre will provide capacity to attract world-class artists to perform in our town.


Register your support for building an arts centre in Collingwood. 

We encourage you to reach out to friends and relatives to register their support. This is a project initiated by community members and it is important that citizens show their support.


“The proposed Collingwood Arts, Culture and Entertainment Centre is a worthy and needed facility that I am pleased to support. Not only will it provide a home for diverse professional and local art forms in South Georgian Bay, but it will also be an economic boon for our region, providing direct employment during its construction and operational phases, and significant spin-offs throughout its lifetime.
Best wishes with the project. And thank you for your volunteer efforts on behalf of the region.”

MPP Jim Wilson